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Sculptural Topology and in Depth Mouth and Eye Creation

Sculptural Topology and in Depth Mouth and Eye Creation

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Learn how to create sculptural topology that works well with your form, rather than fighting bad edge flow.

Topology has a purpose. Normally when people think of good topology they think of animation-ready topology. However, the definition of good topology can greatly change depending on your purposes. The same 3D model made for animation, 3D printing, or rendering, can have vastly different "good topology." 

I will teach you the tools and mindset behind good sculptural topology, alongside the detailed creation of the lips, a mouth bag, eyes, and the surrounding area, all in real-time.

Covered in this In-Depth Tutorial

  • Learn how to create sculptural topology that works well with your form, rather than fighting stars and bad edge flow.
  • Learn how to sculpt the lips, mouth bag, eyes, and surrounding eye area in a step-by-step, real-time walkthrough.
  • Learn what it means to create good topology and how that definition can change based on your purposes.
  • Learn how to use masks, polygroups, and more complex selections alongside ZRemesher to create clean edge loops.
  • Learn the proportions and landmarks of the mouth and eyes, and how artistic ideals are meant to be guidelines instead of rules.

Files Included:

  • Step-by-step, real-time video tutorial going through the stages of creating the eyes and mouth, while simplifying complex ideas around sculptural topology.
  • A base head model to follow along with (ZTL & OBJ)
  • A finished and painted head (ZTL & OBJ)
  • A topology base to follow along with (ZTL & OBJ)
  • A remeshed head with sculptural topology (ZTL & OBJ)


1. Is this tutorial beginner-friendly?

Yes, even if you only know how to navigate in ZBrush everything is explained step by step. 

2. How does sculptural topology differ from animation-ready topology?

Sculptural topology is topology that supports form. Animation-ready topology is meticulously handcrafted to deform and be useable in multiple poses and expressions. Sculptural topology is much faster to create and can quickly be changed depending on your needs.

3. Where can I get your brushes, etc?

Follygon's Brushes

ModMesh: Heads + ModMesh: Bodies

Sculpting The Planes of the Head | In-Depth Tutorial

Sculpting a Stylized Female Head in ZBrush

4. What software is used in this Tutorial?

This tutorial uses ZBrush to instruct, however, the information and ideas here will be transferable to other 3D software that uses a similar toolset.

5. How long is the video tutorial?

1 Hour and 57 Minutes
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