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Follygon's Brushes

Follygon's Brushes

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Follygon's most used brushes, plus a few extras. You can see these brushes in action over on YouTubeThese brushes are designed to help you create precise work with minimal effort, so you can spend more time creating beautiful art.

Check out Follygon's video "What brushes do you use?" to learn more!


  • Folly_Clay
  • Folly_Trim
  • Folly_SharpSoft
  • Folly_Mech
  • Folly_Standard
  • Folly_Pinch
  • Folly_Polish
  • Folly_Inflate
  • Folly_Hair
  • Folly_InsertEar
  • Folly_InsertEye
  • Folly_InsertEyeLid
  • Folly_InsertHandandFoot
  • Folly_IMM Primitives

Some of the Brushes in this pack are improvements on brushes that already, or did at one point, exist in ZBrush by default. They are modifications that Follygon has made to the brushes over the years to make them work better for himself, and hopefully you too. He has also thrown in some insert mesh brushes that will help speed up your workflow immensely. Enjoy!

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