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Sculpting Gorgeous Hair

Sculpting Gorgeous Hair

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Learn how to sculpt gorgeous hair in this 1-hour real-time tutorial, where you will master the art and technique of short, medium, and long hair.

We will start by breaking down the hair into its primary forms. Then look at how we can refine further to give our hair more character. We'll look at techniques such as splitting our hair up into parts, to have more control and also lend a nice feel for the different main sections of a particular hairstyle. We'll also be looking at variation and how that can create contrast and thus visual interest.

What at first seems complex we will break down into obtainable steps throughout this video.

Covered in this Tutorial

  • Learn how to create short, medium, and long hair
  • Learn foundational concepts that will allow you to create a huge variety of appealing hairstyles
  • Learn how to practice these ideas with something simple, and how to move on to more complex forms

Files Included:

  • Real-time video tutorial breaking down the step-by-step process for successfully sculpting hair. (1 Hour and 11 Minutes)
  • 1 Character Head Base Mesh with three included hairstyles and base forms (ZTL & FBX)


1. Is this tutorial beginner-friendly?

Yes, even if you only know how to navigate in ZBrush everything is explained step by step.

2. Will you cover how to make a female, realistic, or other characters as well?

Because this tutorial covers the process and tools for creating hair you will be able to apply these concepts to any hairstyle moving forward with a better understanding of the process.

3. Where can I get your brushes, etc?

Follygon's Brushes

ModMesh: Heads + ModMesh: Bodies

Sculpting The Planes of the Head | In-Depth Tutorial

Sculpting a Stylized Female Head in ZBrush

4. What software is used in this Tutorial?

This tutorial uses ZBrush to instruct, however, the information and ideas here will be transferable to any 3D software and even traditional real-world mediums.

5. How long is the video tutorial?

1 Hour and 11 Minutes of real-time footage
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