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Creating Stylized Folds

Creating Stylized Folds

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A lot of people think that sculpting folds, in general, is a difficult task but in this tutorial, I'll be making it easy for you.

When we are specifically talking about fabric and stylizing folds, what we are referring to is control. In real life, fabric typically only has one level of firmness or only one direction that gravity is pulling on. As the artist, we can do whatever we want! And in this tutorial, we are going to be doing exactly that. So get excited and let's learn how to sculpt some stylized folds!

Covered in this Tutorial:

  • Learn how to sculpt stylized folds, as well as techniques for realism
  • Learn the different types of folds you can expect to see, what causes them, and how to create them
  • Learn to sculpt folds using default, simple brushes and learn how to modify them to work even better
  • Learn how to apply these concepts with exercises, following along step by step
  • Learn advanced techniques to push the stylization of your folds even further

Files Included:

  • Step-by-step, 1 hour real-time video tutorial teaching you how to create stylized folds
  • 3 Example files created during this tutorial featuring many examples of stylized and realistic folds (ZTL)
  • 7 Example files created during this tutorial featuring many examples of stylized and realistic folds (OBJ)


1. Is this tutorial beginner-friendly?

Yes, even if you only know how to navigate in ZBrush everything is explained step by step. 

2. Where can I get your brushes, etc?

Follygon's Brushes

ModMesh: Heads + ModMesh: Bodies

Sculpting The Planes of the Head | In-Depth Tutorial

Sculpting a Stylized Female Head in ZBrush

3. What software is used in this Tutorial?

This tutorial uses ZBrush to instruct, however, the information and ideas here will be transferable to any 3D software and even traditional real-world mediums.

4. How long is the video tutorial?

1 Hour and 2 Minutes
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