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How To Easily Draw Every Day: Digital Guidebook

How To Easily Draw Every Day: Digital Guidebook

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It’s not hard to sit down and draw—but to do it every day? That’s impossible, right?

You have a schedule! A life! How can you draw every day and keep up with everything else you need and want to do?

This digital guidebook will show you how to overcome these obstacles.

This is the shortcut with all the information and tricks that you need to turn an occasional hobby into a real skill.

Covered in this Digital Guidebook

  • Learn how to draw every day with a system designed to get you up and running as fast as possible based on scientific research about habit building.
  • Learn how to apply fundamental habit-building principles over the course of a 30-day gamified strategy.
  • Learn common drawing myths to avoid the same mistakes as those that have come before.
  • Learn not only how to form a drawing habit, but maintain it.
  • Learn how to troubleshoot when things don't go to plan.
  • Learn helpful tips like bundling, stacking, and many more!

Is this guidebook beginner-friendly?

Absolutely, this guidebook is designed for artists of any level that wish to create more. Beginners and professionals will find this book full of helpful information and tips about drawing and forming habits.

What's Inside the Guidebook (PDF)?

  • Myth-Busting: Covering the most common myths about drawing that you will want to avoid.
  • Application: The nuts and bolts of learning how to easily draw every day.
  • Maintenance: Learning how to keep going and continue to improve and push yourself.
  • Troubleshooting: For when things go wrong and life gets in the way.
  • Bonus 13 Pages showcasing some of Ben and Abby's artwork created during their first year of learning to draw together.
  • 42 Pages filled with helpful information on forming a drawing habit, adorable and hilarious doodles, and most importantly love.

Will this guidebook teach me how to draw?

No, this guidebook does not include tutorials on how to draw. Instead, it focuses on how to build and maintain a drawing habit. It also includes additional information on troubleshooting problems, common drawing myths, and many other tips to guide you on your way.

So no, we won't tell you how to hold a pencil or use a clipping mask in this book. If you don't know that yet, you'll learn it soon once you make drawing a regular, sustainable habit using the information in this guide. This information is quick and easy to digest and will serve as a guide you can return to in the future. So get ready to dive in and learn . . . How To Easily Draw Every Day!

Who is drawbli?

The YouTube channel drawbli is created and run by Ben and Abby, who are here to help you discover the joy of drawing! They're self-taught artists who believe art is better with friends! On their YouTube channel, they authentically illustrate their journey – the highs, lows, and every step in between. If you're ready to draw together check out the YouTube channel and Subscribe!

© 2023, Benjamin & Abigail De Angelis

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