Let’s Work Together

and create something truly special!


Are you looking to get a toy made? Do you want a unique merchandise option for your personal brand? Or maybe you know exactly what you need. Let’s work together!

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Partnership: Partnerships are available for those that want little to no upfront cost. Printing and fulfillment is handled through Shapeways where your toy will be listed and you will earn a percentage of each sale. Manufacturing fees are taken out of each unit for labor, material, and machine space. You can expect a Full Color toy’s list price to be ~$20 – $35 per unit at a scale of 2.5″.

Sole Ownership: Exclusive Rights are available for those that wish to completely own the finished digital file. This must be mentioned and negotiated upfront.

Contact me below or at follygon@gmail.com with information on your toy and I will get you a quote. Please include Partnership or Sole Ownership in the subject line.


Full Color Sandstone is the only material capable of full-color 3D prints. Produced on Z-Corp printers, it is perfect for figurines, life-like models, avatars, and other products that lend themselves to colorful, high-quality printing. Models are created by printing binder material and colored ink layer-by-layer into a bed of gypsum-based powder. After printing, the models are finished with a cyanoacrylate (super glue) sealant to ensure durability and vivid colors. The final product is a hard, brittle material that works great for figurines and visual models.


In less than a month you can go from absolutely nothing, to having your own toy online and ready to order. If you are someone that is quick to respond and know exactly what you want, then that time can easily be shortened.

Art Direction

This is your toy, but if you need help designing something new then look no further. I’ve worked on such brands as Pokemon, Ghostbusters, Barbie, Hotel Transylvania, Cloudy With A Change Of Meatballs, Madagascar, Shrek, and many more.